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Confessions of a Crushed Fan

Many of you know that I was pretty upset about the screwy trajectory Roswell took in Season Two. Skins Bad. Tess Bad. Star Trek rip-offs Bad.

I missed characters like River Dog, Milton Ross, Agent Pierce

Production value went up while Roswell’s Mythology (THE BACKBONE OF ANY GENRE SERIES) got flushed with last night’s sushi.

I was especially mad at the WB for developing another show with a teenage alien struggling through high school. Look at the similarities with Roswell:
You’ve got an alien craft crashing on earth
Teenage stud-alien struggles with powers
Non-alien Girlfriend
They even cast Jason and Shiri look-alikes
Name of show is the name of the town

To this day I have never watched an episode of Smallville out of respect for my show.

I was a shattered fan…

My Faith has been renewed and I am on board with Roswell Fandom once again!

The new Book about the TV show sounds great.

And now I hear Roswell is slated for the Sci-Fi Channel. Plus there’s the campaign to actually start new episodes.

I always thought Roswell’s true home was on the Sci-Fi channel, and new shows could work If They Do Them My Way.

“Roswell: The Lost Year”
Fans know that the writers wrote out the Junior Year of the kids’ lives. We know this because of a couple of goof ups in Season two.

I propose we write the Junior Year of Roswell!
Start with a new cast of teenagers (sorry, the original cast is older and wiser and has moved on to bigger projects. But the supporting adult cast could be back on board)
Sheriff Valenti could be back in uniform again instead of a slacker
We could bring back great Indian characters like River Dog
Restore mad Aliens and FBI agents that were just getting started before they got snuffed
We could even PRE-DATE TESS! Anything’s possible.

After the Lost Junior Year, we just pick up with the plot lines form the original, but tweak them so that they don’t SUCK! The Great fan fiction writer WHITEOTTER proved that a completely plausible alternative plot can be written that works with the one on screen. I want to know if something sinister happened to Milton Ross. And then what happened to the new museum guy? And the fans know that the Head Super Dupe wasn’t really dead. I want a real showdown with him and Max. And I want to know what happened to River Dog. There is room for more evil-doing from Nasedo.

The only way this can work is if they hire me as a writer. I WOULD QUIT GRAD SCHOOL RIGHT NOW TO WRITE THE NEW ROSWELL: THE LOST YEAR…and BEYOND!

Support the New Book and the Campaigns! As always...

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