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"...hang up the phone if you ain't gonna talk..."
Roswell will do its thirteen episodes on Monday night on the WB and then there will be a break while another show (probably the one touted this summer as "Frequency-esque") will take a turn on Monday. Roswell will come back, like last season, for a final 6 episodes which may be construed by the end as either a season ender or a series ender. The WB will move the show again, probably to Friday nights, which will be the kiss of death. They will want to put their eggs in the "Superman du Smallville" basket, and may even lure Ron Moore away to a top creative seat on that show (if that isn't where David Nutter is already), although he might be lured back to the Trek dynasty with a plum. Mr. Frakes will also probably move on to bigger directing opportunities. No worry. New Regency and Last Century Fox will broker a deal with The Sci-Fi Channel and Roswell will begin season three happily there to live a long and happy life ala "Sliders" -- until the fledglings start flying the coop. My guess is Colin Hanks will be the first to fly, not even making the transition to cable. A vehicle for him and Tom will be too hard to pass up, while the Roswell writers will borrow a plot from the book series and send Alex to the Home Planet. It's said he comes back a "new man" and he quite literally will. There won't be much of a series without the other cast, but soon Brendan, Majandra and Jason will make their way to the big screen (as they already have), especially when they realize they simply can't pull off playing people six years their junior. Actually, it's a comforting thought that the show might go over to the "Farscape" side. It's a win win situation. Our show lives on, and the Sci-Fi Channel gets something they desperately need -- More kissy face.
Free Robert Beltran!

I'm starting a new campaign. The short version: Bring Robert Beltran over to Roswell when his Voyager gig is over! In a recent interview, First Officer "Chakotay" on Star Trek: Voyageris bored, bored, bored with the tired scripts he's been given on Voyager. Who can blame him? Voyager was completely botched --seven years of missed opportunity. Life on the good ship should have devolved out in the Delta quadrant, stripping all the Federation protocol down to the most important elements of comeraderie and personal loyalty. Voyager should look about as much like a Federation vessel when she gets back to the Alpha quadrant as a pirate ship looks like the QE2. Anyway, As soon as Beltran gets out of his contract (which considering his disparaging remarks about Voyager may be sooner than he thinks) we should bring this much needed Hispanic Hunk over to Roswell. And what should he be, you ask? A BAD GUY!! Now that the ET's have phoned home, we know there are some bad aliens out there who will be zeroing in on the sleepy hamlet of Roswell. Let's write a great, meaty part for Beltran, a mixture of charm and malevolence, the bad guy you love to hate...hate to love...a guilty pleasure. You get the idea. Especially someone to give the sheriff a run for his money! In short, the leader of the Bad Aliens! So this is the beginning of my personal crusade to bring Robert Beltran to the cast of Roswell...(are you listening producers? ...especially a couple with a close connection to a certain sci-fi franchise?)
What were they thinking!!!

To lend further weight to my conclusion that Emilie De Ravin was mis-cast as Tess, somebody somewhere doesn't seem to know what to do with this poor girl. What's with the outfit in this TV Guide picture. It looks like it came off the discount hooker racks at KMart. Cut down to there with the stilleto heeled boots...She looks here like she's ready to go down on Hugh Grant. Puhleez!
This is supposed to be a sophomore in high school? Maybe at Madam School. Compare to the beautiful portrait of Emilie (on my PIX page) which some casting director somewhere must have seen when they were making the decision to cast Tess. Is the TVG picture supposed to be an improvement??? Uh, No.

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